ACE Seeds Killer A5 Haze Strain

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ACE Seeds Killer A5 Haze Strain


Killer A5 Haze Cannabis Seeds by Ace Seeds

Thanks to Karma Genetics for saving Nevil Schoenmaker’s renowned A5 Haze, Ace Seeds bring you the astonishing Killer A5 Haze. Nevil Schoenmaker is something of a God within the Cannabis industry, it is almost impossible to go to a coffee-shop without setting your eyes upon Nevil’s Haze on the selection. In the early days, Nevil somehow lost the male plant of the ‘A Haze’ which meant that this strain was on the market only by cutting, this made the A5 Haze mother-plant a very rare entity. Seeds from the A5 Male were never released to the industry. Ace Seeds took this extraordinary mother and bred it with a Malawi Killer, using the best pheno-types, delivering a Sativa dominant hybrid that can obtain some of the highest recorded THC percentages (23 – 30). Please note that this strain holds minimal to no CBD value. The high from this high THC Sativa hybrid has been described as anesthetic and will bring on laughing fits, later producing more calming, sleep-inducing effects similar to opiates. Killer A5 Haze is not going to be the choice for inexperienced users of Marijuana as it can induce panic attacks and anxiousness for lower Sativa tolerance users. Comparing this to A5 Haze, (Nevil’s) Ace Seeds has productively increased the THC percentage, resin content, trichome mass and also shortened the flowering time for both indoor and outdoor, all without adding any Indica genes. She is a contained and tameable plant to grow, resulting in very big, compact flowers in higher yields and as well as this, they are very resistant to an abundance of pest, temperature and mould problems. It is recommended for higher-level feeds to bring her to her full capacity and if indoors, a Sea of Green set up is a brilliant way to get the highest possible potential out of her with this being one of Ace Seeds’ biggest producers, both in grams per meter squared and THC percentage. The main monoterpenes in Killer A5 Haze are more prominent levels of beta-myrcene and limonene, in Sesquiterpenes only beta-caryophyllene, which would give off a scent of Amsterdam haze paired with livery, meaty tones with organic, decomposing floral petals along with cured wood.

Genetics: A5 Haze by Nevil (Northern Lights #5/HazeA) x Malawi Killer

Type: 80 Sativa / 20 Indica

Area: Indoor / Outdoor

Flowering Time: 63 – 84 Days

Yield: Very High

Aroma: Meaty, Liver, Haze, Floral, Rotting

Effects: Trippy, Narcotic, Giggly, Sedative

CBD: 0

THC: 23 – 30

Please Note: This content is for informational and educational use only. The Attitude Seed bank sells all seeds strictly for souvenir purposes or for storage and preservation of genetics in case the laws may change. We do not condone or encourage the germination of cannabis seeds and we will refuse a sale to anyone who leads us to believe they intend to use our products in an unlawful way.

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Specification: ACE Seeds Killer A5 Haze Strain

THC Level

THC Very High






A5 Haze by Nevil (Northern Lights #5/HazeA) x Malawi Killer



ACE Seeds

Ace Seeds Catalog It's All About Diversity Unlike many other seed companies that focus on mass-producing proven bestsellers Ace Seeds demonstrates what it means to be a seed bank a huge and diverse repository of genetics from around the world. Their collection of strains is awe-inspiring and even a little intimidating because no individual grower can hope to try all of them in a lifetime. However even dipping your toes is worthwhile you're sure to find many treasures. A Paradise For Sativa Lovers Ace Seeds' special interest lies in Sativas which sadly tend to be overlooked by both amateur and professional growers. Hardcore cannabis enthusiasts have long lamented the unfortunate tendency of today's market to be preoccupied with the commercial side of cannabis cultivation. The never-ending hunt for the most compact short-flowering and high-yielding cultivars often results in buds whose effects are bland and forgettable to the point that some modern leaf blowers have no notion of what it means to smoke weed with realcharacter'. The breeders at Ace Seeds know that every smoking session can and should be unique and they keep collecting pure landrace Sativas either to propagate in their original form or to create stable inbred lines. And even if they make hybrids they often cross parents that are both pure Sativas hoping the offspring will likewise offer a one-of-a-kind experience. Become A Cup Winner Hopeful With Ace Seeds Besides the genetic diversity that'll make your head spin Ace Seeds presents a great part of their collection in the form of regular seeds perfect for both amateur breeders and those with larger ambitions. For those of you who don't want the hassle of sexing male and female plants but rather look to get a lot of potent and flavorful buds with unique effects the seed bank offers a number of feminized varieties not only Hazes and other landrace Sativas or Sativa-dominant crosses but also balanced Sativa/Indica hybrids Indica-leaning hybrids and even some pure Indicas. As for autoflowers this is a relatively new direction for Ace Seeds with only a few titles so far. However considering the variety and quality of the genetics they've gathered you can count on the development of more groundbreaking autos in the near future. Ace Seeds' R&D Works At A Frenetic Pace Ace Seeds makes no secret of the breeding projects they're engaged in at any given moment and the list of the strains in development is impressive to say the least. Be sure to regularly check back at Herbies to find fresh additions some of which could well become your new personal favorites.

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