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Why should I buy Skunk # 1 regular seeds?

• Skunk # 1 is the ‘Skunk of the Skunks’, one of the original cannabis strains to have transformed today’s cannabis scene

• If you are looking for a very uniform Skunk then this is the right choice. The stability and high yield make this one of the most loved classic cannabis strains ever

• Skunk # 1 produces large, easy-to-manicure buds with a favourable flower/leaf ratio

• A commercial Sativa dominant variety with a pungent terpene profile, the buds are also very flavourful and known for a potent high that can last for hours. She is also easy to grow

Skunk # 1, the well-known old-school Skunk behind many Cannabis Cups and new cannabis crossings over the last 40 years

Skunk # 1 has managed to acquire many cannabis cups in the early years of the cannabis scene. In the 1970s and 1980s, this was one of the best performing cannabis strains of the time.

The buds of this new Skunk #1 blend of several South American Sativas with an Afghan Indica left everyone in awe.

Our own Skunk # 1 won the 1st prize at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam (Netherlands) in 1992 in the form of our Super Haze (formerly Haze x Skunk # 1).

Also at the High Times Cup that same year, Master Kush (Hindu Kush x Skunk # 1) won a cannabis cup, these genetics are so powerful and strong that they produce Cannabis Cup-winning qualities even in the offspring.

1st Prize High Times Cannabis Cup 1992, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Skunk # 1 has a classic, pungent Skunk aroma and taste with sweet, sour, spicy and earthy notes

Skunk # 1® typically has a tart, sweet aroma and a strong up high. Her aroma can best be described as sweet, with a tart touch and mainly spicy and earthy notes. This strain has an aromatic and pungent terpene profile, as you would expect from a true Skunk.

In terms of taste, it is both sweet and fruity with a sour undertone. The earthy and spicy character is slightly less pronounced in the taste.

This strain generally has a “Skunky” character and this is where it gets its name. The strong and pungent smell even made people think of the smell of a skunk.

The sometimes sour character can evoke associations with the smell of cat pee. If you are looking for an original Skunk scent and taste, we recommend that you give our Skunk # 1 a try!

Skunk # 1 is easy to grow and has a high yield

Skunk # 1 revolutionised the way people used to grow cannabis. Often they grew plants from imported seeds that were unstable, had many different phenotypes, or were difficult to grow. Skunk # 1 changed this.

Suddenly it became possible to grow a stable product with both high yield and high potency. This classic cannabis strain guarantees thick buds with a favourable leaf-to-flower ratio that are easy to manicure, a very commercial variety.

What kind of genetics are exactly in Skunk # 1?

Skunk # 1® is a Sativa-dominant hybrid Skunk strain that has served as the starting point for many of today’s cannabis varieties. This original and classic cannabis strain (75 Sativa, 25 Indica) is originally a cross of 25 Afghan, 25 Acapulco Gold and 50 Colombian Gold. Inbred from 1978 and now a stabilised homogeneous variety.

Skunk # 1 is one of the 3 fundamental cannabis strains (along with the original Haze and Afghan strains) that have changed the cannabis world forever. This strain ushered in a new era for cannabis growers.

One where high quality, high yield and relatively quick flowering time came together in a robust cannabis strain that was easy to grow. This is an absolutely world class hybrid!

Skunk # 1 is a robust Skunk strain that is easy to grow. High yields can be achieved both indoors, outdoors and in greenhouses

Skunk # 1 is a very stable and uniform Skunk. This Sativa-dominant Skunk guarantees a high yield with very potent buds. The long thick branches bear full-flower blooms.

These cannabis buds range from light green to golden. Together with the thick white layer of trichomes, this creates a nice bag appeal.

Skunk # 1 is known for a very favourable flower / leaf ratio. The buds keep swelling and during the last weeks of flowering they can get so thick that the branches can no longer support the weight. Proper support with ropes or poles is therefore highly recommended.

Because the buds get so thick this strain is slightly sensitive to mold and bud rot, especially during the last weeks of flowering.

This strain has a Sativa-dominant plant structure with long branches and many new growing points. She grows vigorously and likes to reach upwards vertically and also outwards in width.

It is a variety with large, sturdy flowers that sometimes completely fill the branches. In other places the flowers may not quite touch each other, but a large flower will still form on each node.

The flowers of Skunk # 1 often have foxtails, a classic characteristic of a true Sativa. The partial Afghan Indica genetics make these flowers more compact and harder than those of the more pure Sativa strains.

The sticky resin coating on the buds is also characteristic of an Afghan Indica. This thick layer of trichomes provides an exuberant aroma and flavor, typical of a classic old-school Skunk. During the flowering phase Skunk # 1 stretches quite a bit, but not unmanageably.

Her growth pattern is significantly more Sativa, but due to the right amount of Indica genetics she has stronger branches and a shorter flowering time. She is suitable for both SOG and SCROG growers. Her internode distance is short to medium and she is suitable for all types of growers.

The genetics used for Skunk # 1 guarantees the following traits:

  • A very robust classic Skunk with a powerful euphoric high
  • Thick buds with an excellent flower / leaf ratio
  • Skunk # 1 generates high yields in a relatively short flowering time, this lady produces flowers with a nice “bag appeal” and is full of shimmering trichomes

In addition to her complex terpene profile which provides a pungent aroma and strong flavour, Skunk # 1 is also easy to grow, requiring no special feeding schedules or growing techniques. She can also be grown by beginners.

Effects of Skunk #1

Skunk # 1 has a very balanced effect that is somewhere in between a head-high and a body-high. The strain gives you a hybrid high that hits quickly and can last for a long time. The mental effect is often dominant and gives the user an energetic buzz with a euphoric touch.

Creative tasks become a lot more fun and stress disappears like snow in the sun. The effect is usually felt after just a few minutes. It feels a lot like a normal Sativa buzz and can also provide a huge focus. This is ideal if, for example, you want to spend the evening gaming.

It is certainly not a strain we recommend taking before going to sleep. It’s also a great strain for enjoying music or walking in nature. You will not tire easily.

Smoking a large amount can make some people nervous, so if you are sensitive to this we recommend to increase your dose slowly and build it up gradually.

Due to the high THC percentage, this strain is also very suitable for medical users. In high doses, this strain appears to aid pain relief and promote a healthy appetite. Skunk # 1 is a classic Skunk cannabis strain with a powerful high and a long lasting effect.

The bloom time of Skunk #1

Skunk # 1 is a Sativa dominant hybrid with an average flowering time of approximately 9 weeks. In general, the flowering time is around 60-65 days. In less favourable circumstances it can sometimes take a little longer.

During the last weeks the buds of this strain really thicken and you will see beautiful large flowers emerge. This variety ensures a high yield both indoors and outdoors. It is a strong and robust strain for both indoor and greenhouse cultivation.

In normal outdoor cultivation, the flowering period usually takes just a little too long to be ready for the bad weather. She can also be susceptible to mold during heavy rainfall. However, she does very well in a greenhouse and achieves real bumper yields.

The plants can become really gigantic in a greenhouse, but ensure sufficient ventilation and fresh air in the greenhouse. In the more southern areas of Europe, Skunk # 1 can also be grown outside.

The yield of Skunk #1

Skunk #1 is a strong and stable variety with a high yield. On average, large yields of around 500g / m2 are possible. Her buds are easy to manicure and therefore it doesn’t take long to cut.

She likes organic soil and nutrients the most, but also does well on a hydro system or on coco. Like most classic Skunks, you can go in just about any direction with her.

In a greenhouse or polytunnel (preferably heated and with adequate ventilation) she can grow into a true monster. Plants that are 3-4m high and at least as wide can provide more than a kg of dry bud per plant.

For outdoor cultivation, she is best grown in a dry and sunny climate. Here she does well in pots or in the ground and can also be grown as a guerrilla plant in the woods or on hills.

Advice from our experts

Skunk # 1 smells incredibly pungent and powerful, good carbon filters are a must to deal with that.

Due to the long heavy buds it is recommended to give the plants some support during the end of the flowering phase. Blooms as long as your arm are no exception with this strain!

The plant is easy to clone and is also excellent as a mother plant.

Because the buds get so thick the strain may be sensitive to mold and bud rot, especially during the last weeks of flowering. This should be taken into account during the flowering phase.

With an indoor grow, the best solution is to keep the humidity below 50, preferably around 35-40. Sufficient air movement in the grow room is also a must, so an extra fan never hurts.

It is also smart to defoliate the plant several times, so that no still air pockets can form and moisture cannot accumulate between the leaves.

Preferably grow her in an aerated medium and/or in an aerated pot. Airpots, Smartpots and Rootpouches all work very well.

If you want to go for the highest yields, it is best to grow her in a hydro system and preferably a DWC (Deep Water Culture) or RDWC.

Information about Skunk # 1

Our Skunk # 1 has become an indispensable part of the current cannabis scene. For many, this was one of the first commercial strains to be successfully bred.

The uniform and stable plants make her a real pleasure to grow. It is also the perfect variety for making new crossings yourself.

If you select a Skunk # 1 female, you can quickly see in the next generation what effect the male of the other genetic line has on the offspring.

This regular seed variety has been around for several decades and will remain available for the coming decades to future growers and a large group of returning customers.

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