Monster Bruce Banner Auto Strain

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Monster Bruce Banner Auto is an epic auto-flowering cannabis strain featuring potent highs that flow effortlessly into a smooth calm, much like the comedown of the superhero it is named after! Vibrant citrus flavors mingling with the earthy taste of sweet diesel make this strain a unique mix of power and tranquility. It greatly relaxes both the body and mind; perfect when experiencing overwhelming stress and anxiety, and ideal for nighttime use.

Monster Bruce Banner Auto Strain
Monster Bruce Banner Auto Strain
Monster Bruce Banner Auto Strain



Monster Bruce Banner Auto Strain Info

Named after one of the most fearsome superheroes, Monster Bruce Banner Auto lives up to its reputation with a mighty lineage of potent parent strains including a well-balanced hybrid of 60% Sativa genetics and 40% Indica genetics. With effects and flavors just as robust, this strain is a must-have for your cannabis cabinet.


The breeders at Monster Genetics knew exactly what their creation would muster when crossing the one and only OG Kush, the epic Auto Diesel XXL, and none other than Fast & Vast.

Flowering Time

Like the growth spurt that occurs during the incredible Hulk transformation, expect a quick green explosion of buds in a flower time of as little as 56 days!


Need we mention the monstrous size of the harvest you can prepare for, with indoor plants growing 550 g/m2 (1.8 oz/ft2), and outdoor plants popping up 700 g/plant (25 oz/plant).

Monster Bruce Banner Auto Grow Report

Monster Bruce Banner Auto Grow Journal



With THC levels through the roof and a powerful Sativa element blended perfectly with an Indica sedation, get ready for effects that will blow your mind while cradling your body in deep relaxation. Keep this strain for the night time and you shouldn’t have a problem, however, some users may still find “powerful” to be an understatement.

Medical Properties

With this incredible potency comes the potential for medicinal benefits of deeply refreshing sleep promotion and the mitigation of most anxiety symptoms.

THC Level

Monster Bruce Banner Auto offers a formidable 25% THC content, not for the faint of heart.

Smell And Taste

Being a cross between three equally recognizable strains, Monster Bruce Banner Auto marries their unique terpenes to impart a poignant citrusy taste that is earthy and spicy all at once. To make matters more memorable, the sweetness blended with a diesel undertone is simply unforgettable. However, much like how only Bruce can describe how his transformation feels, you’ll only truly know the taste once you try it for yourself!

Grow Tips

Monster Bruce Banner Auto is an auto-flowering cannabis variety that’s fairly average in height at about 100-120cm (39-47 inches). Indoor and outdoor cultivation is possible with great yields easily achievable by both experienced and beginner growers respectively. Expect breathtaking buds, characterized by their rich scarlet pistils, to occur in just 6-8 weeks from germination.

To concur a massive harvest this season, keep this grow info in mind:

  • This strain is recommended for indoor growing because of its relatively small height – ideal for a stealthier grow operation.
  • This strain is beginner-friendly thanks to its low maintenance growability, although novice users need to be wary of the high THC content!
  • Despite the memorable flavors that ensue upon curing and smoking, the plant’s smell is close to non-existent.

Monster Bruce Banner Auto Seeds

Offering low-maintenance genetics with a potency that will knock you out of the park, this is a bona fide easy-to-grow weed that can make you feel as calm as a Zen monk in no time! Truly the dream weed of many a seasoned stoner, buy a pack of feminized seeds online today and skip the fuss with a discrete delivery right to your doorstep.

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Monster Genetics

Monster Genetics: Defending Growers' Satisfaction with Exceptional Strains The experienced team of breeders at Monster Genetics places great importance on the satisfaction of growers. Their collection of custom strains consists entirely of two types of cannabis seeds that provide the smoothest experience: feminized and autoflowering seeds. Effortlessly Grow Top Buds with Monster Genetics Seeds Through meticulous backcrossing of top industry strains, Monster Genetics has achieved exceptional stability in their genetics. They proudly assert that their feminized seeds produce female plants 99.99% of the time. Furthermore, they carefully track every batch they send out and regularly renew their stock to ensure that the seeds arrive fresh and ready to grow. Monster autoflowers bring the convenience of Ruderalis genetics to every grower, offering great results without extra hassle. By choosing autoflowering cannabis seeds from Monster Genetics, growers can enjoy two harvests in a season. After experiencing the potency and stickiness of the first crop's buds, there will be no hesitation in planting the second one. While it grows, savor the experience and don't forget to share your feedback with Monster Genetics through a review—your input is always valued. Monster Genetics: Bold Treatment of Classic Genetics A glance at Monster Genetics' seed list reveals their expertise in redefining classic genetics and adding their own unique touch. Some notable strains include Monster Genetics Bruce Banner, which won the Growbarato Cup in 2019, Monster Zkittles with its intoxicating fruit flavor, and Monster Gorilla Glue, boasting high THC levels. These monstrified versions of beloved classics have captivated cannabis enthusiasts worldwide. SeedFare: Global Access to Monster Genetics Seeds Thanks to SeedFare, the seeds from this Spanish breeder are now available to growers worldwide. Whether you are a Monster Genetics fan in the UK or a dedicated member of the Monster Genetics family in the USA, you can easily find and purchase any seed from Monster Genetics on SeedFare, enabling you to embark on your growing journey with their exceptional genetics. Monster Genetics' commitment to delivering top-quality seeds, prioritizing growers' satisfaction, and their bold treatment of classic genetics have established them as a trusted name in the cannabis community.

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