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Monster Pebbles is a feminized cannabis strain strong enough to pave the road for a ridiculously intense high, even for seasoned smokers with increased tolerance levels. Its almost narcotic effects induce a dream-like state in anyone who dares to light a match and inhale Pebbles’ tropical smoke. The fruity aroma is accompanied by the soft taste of fresh berries. This strain is best enjoyed at nighttime, as the influence might be hard to conceal.

Monster Pebbles Strain



Monster Pebbles Strain Info

A stunning addition to your grow, the multicolored buds of Monster Pebbles have a lot of charm. They also pack enough THC and juicy terpenes to break your tolerance and give you a powerful mind-bending high. The breeder made sure to make this experience unique and unforgettable.


Monster Pebbles came to life as the result of a three-way cross between GDP, Critical, and Somango. This family tree, comprised of very well-known strains, was pretty fruitful for the breeders from Monster Genetics, earning Monster Pebbles a bronze for Growbarato Cup 2019.

Flowering Time

Monster Pebbles finishes forming her dense trichome-covered nugs in 8-9 weeks. Such a relatively short flowering time allows you to successfully grow this plant outdoors as well, providing that summer and early fall in your climate have enough warm and sunny days.


Despite a great speed of bud maturation, this strain can produce a hefty harvest of 500g/m2 (1.6oz/ft2) indoors or 700g/plant (24.6oz/plant) outdoors – well above average by any standards.


A unique combination of cannabinoids and terpenes contributes to the mind-blowing effects of Monster Pebbles. Cannabis aficionados lucky enough to try this strain report being immersed in a dream-like state even in the daytime. However, act responsibly when indulging in Monster Pebbles during the day – her effects are uplifting and narcotic-like, so as you can imagine, interaction with the real world gets pretty difficult when you’re borderline hallucinating!

Medical Properties

Thanks to the potency of these buds, Monster Pebbles is a perfect variety for medical patients who need to medicate throughout the day and have developed a tolerance. This smoke can relax your muscles, ease various aches, and even soften chronic neuropathic pain. It also acts as a great sleep aid.

THC and CBD Levels

In this day and age, 21% THC content wouldn’t impress anyone, but it’s not only about the numbers. The effects can be so powerful that the THC percentage may seem even higher. The abundant resin production attests to Monster Pebbles’ potency and will delight hash enthusiasts.

Smell and Taste

The terpene profile of Monster Pebbles is like a whole fruit plate of smooth tastes and aromas, reminiscent of freshly-picked tropical fruit and juicy berries. It’s a pure dream! Such a succulent mix of flavors makes it hard to stop – and why should you? Make yourself comfortable and dig deeper into this plate of fruity delight.

Grow Tips

Perfectly suitable for growing both outdoors and indoors, Monster Pebbles is a vigorous and hardy plant with a sturdy structure. She grows at an accelerated pace and can reach a considerable size for an Indica-leaning variety.

  • Expect a height of 100-140cm (3’2”-4’6”) indoors
  • Outdoor plants can reach up to 150-250cm (4’9”-8’2”)
  • Control the size and branching with high-stress training techniques such as topping and pruning

Monster Pebbles Seeds

Monster Pebbles seeds offered for sale by Herbies are your chance to grow big and productive photoperiod plants. This variety is fully feminized to free you from the need to deal with males in your garden.

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Monster Genetics

Monster Genetics: Defending Growers' Satisfaction with Exceptional Strains The experienced team of breeders at Monster Genetics places great importance on the satisfaction of growers. Their collection of custom strains consists entirely of two types of cannabis seeds that provide the smoothest experience: feminized and autoflowering seeds. Effortlessly Grow Top Buds with Monster Genetics Seeds Through meticulous backcrossing of top industry strains, Monster Genetics has achieved exceptional stability in their genetics. They proudly assert that their feminized seeds produce female plants 99.99% of the time. Furthermore, they carefully track every batch they send out and regularly renew their stock to ensure that the seeds arrive fresh and ready to grow. Monster autoflowers bring the convenience of Ruderalis genetics to every grower, offering great results without extra hassle. By choosing autoflowering cannabis seeds from Monster Genetics, growers can enjoy two harvests in a season. After experiencing the potency and stickiness of the first crop's buds, there will be no hesitation in planting the second one. While it grows, savor the experience and don't forget to share your feedback with Monster Genetics through a review—your input is always valued. Monster Genetics: Bold Treatment of Classic Genetics A glance at Monster Genetics' seed list reveals their expertise in redefining classic genetics and adding their own unique touch. Some notable strains include Monster Genetics Bruce Banner, which won the Growbarato Cup in 2019, Monster Zkittles with its intoxicating fruit flavor, and Monster Gorilla Glue, boasting high THC levels. These monstrified versions of beloved classics have captivated cannabis enthusiasts worldwide. SeedFare: Global Access to Monster Genetics Seeds Thanks to SeedFare, the seeds from this Spanish breeder are now available to growers worldwide. Whether you are a Monster Genetics fan in the UK or a dedicated member of the Monster Genetics family in the USA, you can easily find and purchase any seed from Monster Genetics on SeedFare, enabling you to embark on your growing journey with their exceptional genetics. Monster Genetics' commitment to delivering top-quality seeds, prioritizing growers' satisfaction, and their bold treatment of classic genetics have established them as a trusted name in the cannabis community.

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